BAA's Stansted staff paid to protest for expansion

Given these times of heightened security at the nation's airports, you'd expect BAA to be employing as many security as possible to get passengers through check-in and into their shopping centres - sorry, departure terminals.

Not so! Instead, the company has been giving security staff time off to stand around outside the Stansted inquiry, waving pro-expansion banners. To make matters worse, the airport company has been lying to its staff to persuade them to join in.

easyJet report makes easyMistake

What is it with economists that gets them so confused about climate change? The poor fools seem convinced that they can 'cost-benefit' the planet, and just pay for any damage that they cause.

The latest example of this comes from self-proclaimed environmental airline easyJet, who've released a new report which claims that aviation pays its full environmental costs four times over.

World Travel and Tourism Organisation dismisses industry greenwash

A recent report for the UN World Travel and Tourism Organisation - entitled Climate change and tourism - responding to global challenges, has been exploring how tourism (and aviation) is affecting CO2 levels and climate change.

Unsurprisingly, it reached a conclusion which would not look out of place on our agitprop: "While there are many options to reduce emissions [in the tourism sector], by far the greatest potential is related to air travel; reducing flight numbers and flight distances will achieve more to make tourism more sustainable than most other measures taken together."

Put's Branson's "I'll fly my jets on chip-fat" claims into perspective somewhat, doesn't it...

Ruth Kelly in live webchat

Transport Minister Ruth Kelly will be appearing in a live webchat at 10am on the 20th of September.

It's a good opportunity to ask her how the Government plans to reconcile its climate change targets with aviation expansion. Register at

No egg throwing, now...

More expansion = more emissions

Regional airports might not get too much media attention, but rest assured - they're dead keen on expansion. And being out of the public eye means they often get away with the most ridiculous claims - as this latest humdinger should demonstrate.

This gibberish started with Southampton Airport and now Bristol International Airport is following suit. They're claiming that expanding regional airports means a gross reduction in CO2, because instead of driving to the nearest long-haul shopping mall, people will fly from whichever airport is closest too them.

Dave: It’s the Vulcan – or everything else

It is quite clear that the messages from Plane Stupid and the growing climate movement are starting to permeate the Westminster village.

Just two years ago, who ever talked about aviation and global warming? Now - it’s not only at the frontline of the environmental debate; it’s even at the forefront of parliamentary politics.